One Year

Today marks exactly one year since I started this website. It has been (and I hope it continues to be) a grand experiment in blogging. This past year of blogging definitely didn’t go as planned. First, I started working for Jason Schuller over at, which has been great! Then I went back to school (which has also been great). Consequently, I didn’t post nearly as often as I had hoped. Running a business and taking an average of 20 credits per semester doesn’t leave so much time for blogging. I hope to have a lighter class load this coming year, so maybe the blog posts will be a little more frequent. Anyway, here are a few of the stats for year number one:

  • Blog posts: 30
  • Visits: 3,200
  • Visitors: 2,800
  • Pageviews: 4,500
  • Avg. time on the site: 0:53
  • Backlinks (as measured by Yahoo): 175
  • Google Pagerank: 4

These stats aren’t really that important, but I look forward to comparing them to future years. I also look forward to not comparing them to John O’Nolan, who started just six months before me 🙂

Looking back over these stats, I noticed noticed that I posted more often than I would have guessed. I think as time went on and I got busier, my posts became less frequent, so it feels like I hardly posted at all. I think for the coming year I would be happy with a similar number of posts spread out more evenly this time. Finally, I have a few goals for the future that are not directly related to this blog:

I have a few other projects up my sleeve, but I’ll just leave it at that for now.

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