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I started this blog one week ago and promised to write about everything I did in my attempt to build a successful blog. Well it’s a lot of work setting up a blog for success and so there was quite a bit going on. Consequently, I had a lot of writing to do in order to explain everything. That resulted in 9 posts this week, which is not a posting schedule I plan sticking with. According to Google Analytics (which I haven’t written about yet, sorry) I ended the week with 5 visitors and 1 spam comment. It’s only the first week though, so I’m not concerned. Google crawled my site on the second day, but hasn’t been back since, so not many of my posts are indexed yet. Looking on the bright side though, after only one week, my blog is in the 3rd position for the Google search “Alex Mansfield” (although that doesn’t say much, since I don’t share my name with anyone famous). Also, according to the Hubspot Website Grader, which grades website SEO/marketing effectiveness, I have a score of 45/100. Looks like I’ve got lot’s of room for improvement. Now that lots of the groundwork has been laid, I’ll start to focus a little more on search optimization and bringing traffic.

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