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Hi, my name is Alex Mansfield. I partner with agencies and small businesses to design, develop, and maintain high quality WordPress websites.

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Disable WordPress Comments Programmatically

This post exists primarily for my own future reference. Sometimes I want to disable all comments without using a plugin. The code below borrows heavily (maybe even copies blatantly!) from a couple GitHub repositories I came across a while ago: – https://gist.github.com/mattclements/eab5ef656b2f946c4bfb – https://gist.github.com/alexwoollam/2f4bcd4eb4740eb49562131290248f26 Here’s the code: /** * Disable post type support for comments […]

The Trouble with Accessibility Overlays

I think I first became familiar with accessibe.com when their clients started getting sued for accessibility issues (https://twitter.com/karlgroves/status/1349800053985206274). Among people working in the accessibility field, overlays like Accessibe have such a bad reputation that 700 specialists have signed the Overlay Fact Sheet (https://overlayfactsheet.com/) explaining the pitfalls of accessibility overlays. In my own testing, I’ve noticed […]

Enabling SmartSlider3 Support for the Editor Role

By default, the SmartSlider3 plugin only allows administrators to create/edit/delete sliders. In many cases, administrators may want to grant editors the ability to manage sliders. To do that, the following code can be placed in the active theme’s functions.php file (or in a plugin). /** * Give editors access to SmartSlider3 * * @see: https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/users/roles-and-capabilities/ […]

WPEngine and the Advanced Cache File

Today I ran across a strange situation where the dev tools for Chrome and Firefox were reporting different background color values for the same button. They were both reporting that the relevant CSS was in the same location, so it wasn’t a matter of a difference in cascade/priority. I changed the color value in the […]

CSS Hover: Targeting Mouse Input and Ignoring Touch Input

CSS hover states are pretty obviously targeted at mouse inputs, but are applied in strange ways to touch inputs as well. Thankfully, all modern browsers now support input-based media queries. This allows us to apply our hover states only to devices that truly support hover states. Here is the code that makes it work: @media(hover: […]

Add SVG Upload Support to Beaver Builder

By default, WordPress blocks SVG uploads. Beaver Builder also blocks SVG uploads withing the builder, but strangely it uses it’s own block list which it only applies to uploads. This means that you can enable SVG uploads within WordPress, upload an SVG file to the media library, and then make use of the file in […]